Love Note

Tonight I got a love note from Mr. Handsome. He sent me an email (from my computer, while I was working in the kitchen—I wasn’t allowed to look) and this is what it said:

I ordered tickets for “Trouble”, or something like that for tomorrow night. I also have acquired experienced childcare for the evening, so you and I can go out. The end. Love, The Rooooofer

Is that not dear? I was so wanting to go to that play, but getting childcare for four kids at 7:30 in the evening is nigh impossible. (Okay, so he had some encouragement from my folks, but still.)

So tomorrow night I’ll be footloose and fancy free. Whoa baby! Watch out!

Note: While Mr. Handsome does roofing, he is a carpenter first and foremost. I’m not quite sure why he signed off The Roofer, except that it was fun to type Rooooofer. Maybe?

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  • Anonymous

    Hey, hey, hey! We’ll see you there. Kirk will be the one in the back manning the video camera. I decided to bring our girlies along even though most of it goes over Sophie’s head.

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