I’ll be honest with you. I’m doing a blog because I want to pretend that my life is more interesting than it really is. I haven’t adopted 38 kids and I don’t live on a ranch with thousands of cows. I’m not a gourmet cook and I don’t have any pressing need to communicate with family and friends. Nope. No such noble reasons. Mine is a mundane existence. Husband, house, kids, chores… That I’m needed isn’t enough, I guess. I want to be recognized. Putting my life down on paper, or in cyberspace, will make it all worthwhile, right? Now thousands will flock to read my words. They will be inspired, challenged, entertained, and moved.


So now I’ve put it out there. I’m weak and needy and shallow. I’m bored. I’m a barefoot, lactating mother who shouts orders at her kids. I yammer on the phone with my friends, trying to rise above the minutia of my day. This blog is just one more effort. We’ll see if it works. If it doesn’t, I’ll quit.

There’s gotta be another good reason to write this blog, since I’m pretty certain the above reason will fail. Perhaps, by dissecting the daily minutia and turning it into printable entertainment, the little pieces of my life will gain beauty and interest. And my life will become more inspiring, challenging, entertaining, and moving. For me, anyway.

I could write in a private journal, if that was all I was after. With this, however, there is a sense of mystery and boldness. Someone out there might find my life entertaining. So, this blog is for you, even though it’s really for me (this is turning into a vicious cycle). I’ll write to entertain you, dear reader, to force myself to notice my life more, to make my pathetic life feel a bit less pathetic (I’ll try not to lie and ham it up too much). And if nobody else reads it, I’m sure my mother will.


  • Anonymous

    As someone who grew up near you in Virginia, but now works in NYC, I love to read your blog. It makes my husband want to buy a big, old house in Virginia and "live off the land" so to speak. It sounds like quite a wonderful life to me. 🙂

  • Jennifer Jo

    Okay, okay. I know my life isn’t boring, and yes, there is lots of entertainment and excitement in it, but I think my gripe comes down to my personality—I am an extrovert. I need people and communication. That’s why this blog is so much fun for me—I can communicate with others while I’m at home. It’s instant gratification extroverted writing at its best.

    (I love getting up in the morning, too. Because there is coffee.)

    Thanks for visiting!

  • Anonymous

    Guess what. I read most of your blog. At least all of June. I’m at Zoe’s house so I have a bit of time on my hands. Neither Zoe nor I can understand what is so boring and unexciting about your life. If you want to look at it that way than yes, life is boring. Or you can find excitement in the small things and thus each day is so much fun to look forward to. How I love to get up in the morning and decide what is the most pressing thing to do. Or maybe just ignore those things and walk around and do insignificant things in my flower beds. After 26 years of marriage and 24 of raising kids it is still an exciting challenge.
    Aunt Valerie

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