the talk

Wow! So many of you asked to hear my parents’ little wedding talk! I’m thrilled.

I considered posting the hard copy that my parents shared with me, but what I really wanted was a video of their delivery: measured and quirky (they sing!), it communicates so much. Thank goodness our dear friend Lery had the presence of mind to catch the whole thing on her phone (and then, just this morning, her son Dereck work his techy magic to get you the clearest video possible). Enjoy!

(For those who want the quick version: Marriage is hard, you are so lucky, yay.)

This same time, years previous: a mistake-based education, for my walls, Christmas 2010, windows at dusk, marmalade-glazed ham, lemon cheesecake tassies, a little elaboration.


  • KC

    I have had this open in a tab in my browser for apparently 8 months and finally watched it and now I’ve teared up and it’s All Your Fault. (and also I’m going to look at castling home, because sometimes my houseplants get more of my specifically nuturing attention than marriage does and maaaybe that can be adjusted a bit)

  • Lisa

    Thank you SO much for sharing the wisdom from your parents. Timing for our house right now even after 39 years. Covid angst and boredom has allowed me to look at my partner with very crabby eyes. Good plan to check the view from the drone

  • Pauline in Upstate NY

    Thank you so much for sharing that — and I am grateful to your parents for their willingness to let you “go public” with it! You need to keep that video; it’s a family treasure.

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